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I had a dream I was sitting listening to my guru. He told me that ego is a tool to be used. When we drive we need one kind of ego. When we sit and listen we need another kind. When we play a sport we need a different kind of ego. Having no ego means no desire and desire is synonymous with life. As if we have no desire we do nothing and sit still. I asked him how do we determine what qualities our egos should have and he said he was going to copy the name of a book down for me on a sticky note. The name was coramatic something by trey something. When I had it I immediately woke up and realized I had been sleeping on my side still from the dream yoga I had been doing earlier and rolled onto my back. When I did I fell back into dream but thought I was still awake. I reached for my phone to search up the book but found nothing, I realized I was still dreaming. Then I realized that writing in dreams is weird and what I was given wasn't the actual title. I thought about what the title should be Karmatic something. Again I had another false awakening. So I searched for that and got results for just the idea of karma. So I searched amazon for books with the title Karmatic. Then I realized that it wasn't ever a book but an idea. That positive karma is what creates good ego and negative karma creates bad ego. This is the way to determine the properties of a skillful ego.

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Dodging Lightening

This was a lucid dream. I was at work in the parking lot. A storm rolled in. Lightening started striking all around me. Then it started to strike at me. I was anticipating the strikes and dodging them as they came. This lasted for about 10 minutes. While this happened I felt like this was something that I should be creating but I wasn't. It was just happening and I was rolling with it. There was very little stress or fear involved. I was shifting between first and third person perspectives a lot. During the anticipation it was first person, after the strike it was third person.

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2 Premonitions back to back

1st dream: I was at work and got a call from a client I have interacted with a few times, but not in a few months. She had router problems and needed assistance. The model of her router was right in the dream. She was very upset during the call which wasn't like her. The next morning she called me needing assistance on that router. She was very upset because of stock market movements she was trying to capitalize on.

2nd Dream: My father had a minor heart attack. He came out of the restroom and announced it and we took him to the hospital. This event hasn't happened yet, hopefully it doesn't. I did tell him about both of these dreams and urged him to see a doctor. He hasn't.

What makes these dreams unique is that they were both specifically dreams of clarity. Which is a dream yoga term. When I have dreams like this they happen entirely in the first person and are very vivid. Normally my dreams are in a super perspective of seeing everything at once from multiple angles, and not very vivid. I have had a lot of precognitive dreams. They normally happen a couple of months after the dream and are usually minor things. Having the same person call me the next morning was unsettling, especially with the 2nd dream I had. It felt like confirmation to show that the 2nd dream was accurate, which is something I have never experienced before.

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Generic Video Game Dream

I had a dream last night that was some kind of military mission in a video game. I was piloting a flying ship, I would land it and kite dream mobs around and through the ship while killing them. Then I decided to download a mod for the game I was playing that gave me more ship options. I would open a menu and select what to spawn from it. The first one was a much smaller version of the ship I was already in. The 2nd one was labeled "Pelican". I was thinking it would be the one from halo, I could clearly see the right ship in my imagination before selecting the option. This caused me an issue where I pondered on the nature of having clear imagination while dreaming, it was visualization separate from the dream. This caused me to lose some stability but it came back when I stopped imagining the pelican. I did it a 2nd time to reconfirm the phenomenon. I spawned the one labeled pelican and it was a warthog from halo. I got on the mounted gun on the back and realized it wasn't just some gating gun. I aimed it at a fortress I was supposed to be taking and when I shot it hundreds of mortars came out of the sky striking the location I was aiming at. I played with it a little trying to do small amount of mortars and larger amounts of mortars. I realized that I was really controlling the gun with my mind and not my hands. When I mounted the turret I went into a third person view with a crosshair in my vision. Then my phone went off and I woke up.

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