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Reoccurring Fortress

I have had this dream at least 40+ time. Sometimes it starts before I get to the fortress and sometimes I start in the fortress. I’m going to cover the beginning and then the fortress.

The sky is dark and cloudy possibly from smoke. I see planes taking off from every direction. People are frantic and running towards downtown. I make it downtown, I don’t know what city I’m in. But I get put on a plane that looks more like a shuttle. We take off and as I see the city getting smaller I see planes come with bombs raining down on it.

we land and I have to get on a military bus to drive us the rest of the way. Some people are kept behind for whatever reason. After an hour or so bus ride we arrive at the fortress.

I call it the fortress because it’s HUGE, it’s not just a mansion and it’s not in a typical castle style it’s modern. I’m told my great aunt owned this fortress and it is now mine.

the basic layout is such:

Main entrance is a huge atrium It’s front wall is all windows showing the vast plot of land which has a lake. There is cafe seating all through out the atrium and a bar that lines the back wall.

To the west of the atrium is a smaller hall. It has a mini museum about my aunts company. It looks like she owned a clothing company. There are old timey hats on display and a few outfits with their story on the wall. In that hall there is a staircase. If you press a panel on the stair case it opens showing another stair case leading down. There’s a small hide away apartment. It has a sitting ...

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