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Going down a hill on a road. Near a place with cliffs and ravines that I seem to be dreaming about lately.

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Grocery Store

Shopping at a grocery store. My Dad (I think) is there ahead of me. There is someone in my way as I try to enter, but I get in OK…

I don’t remember if this is the same dream or not: at the (or another?) grocery store. My aunt is there. I greet her, but she doesn’t recognize me at first because we don’t expect to see each other where we are. We are both traveling to a place to the southeast that I dream about occasionally (I think it’s the same place anyway – not sure where this is in waking life). I’m wearing a white Tyvek suit. My former workplace is working on a building there, and I consider stopping by to pick up some work. 

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Hotel Food

I am staying in a hotel. We are at the breakfast buffet. There is a nice selection of food, I believe. Someone (my Dad? Brother?) is talking about how nice one of the staff members is.

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…In some kind of office. The office keeps changing? I’m not supposed to go somewhere but I do anyway (a closed door that I open?) Stuff is thrown around?...

…Walking down a hill. Someone is selling vehicles (cars or bicycles, I think). Someone else is up towards the top of the hill that I am after, so I turn around to follow them. There are electrical wires attached to the road. They keep sparking now and then. I see some object to the side of the road that looks a bit like a water cooler…

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Parallel Universes

Somehow, I end up in Korea. Or some country in Asia. Things are going on that I don’t understand. For example, if this is South Korea, the North Korean government is in charge. Like an alternate timeline, perhaps? I look at a map that shows the region in which I am located. It shows the region in a couple of different configurations – as though showing the alternative timelines on the same map.

image for dream: Neelix, Janeway, and Cookies
Neelix, Janeway, and Cookies

Captain Janeway and Neelix are sitting together. Neelix has been helpful in some way, and Janeway says something like: “Mr. Neelix, you control so much of the ship that one of these days I suspect you are going to try to take over.” 

I forget some details, but I think Janeway says something about cookies and/or ice cream. I think that sounds pretty tasty, so I go and try to get some out of the replicator. I think I get what looks like a pie crust made out of cookies. The cookies have raspberries, I think.

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I am staying at my Grandparents’ old house. There is more of the family staying there too. It is about 3:00 in the morning, and I am looking for a place to sleep. I find a couch to sleep on. The room is cluttered…

…The garden has a lot of plants in it, but they are kind of reddish brown in color…

…Looking at a map of Central America. There is a swamp about where the Panama Canal is, and it occurs to me that when it floods North and Central America become separated from South America by water. For some reason this is interesting to me. I think I also think about boating on the swamp… 

…(Maybe part of the Panama Swamp dream) I am looking at a map that shows the movement of ships (?) around the world. I think they are all moving to the west…

image for dream: Fragments

…A guy falls off of a tower…

…My brother puts what looks like a package of bologna in my mailbox…

…Getting ready to go on a trip somewhere…


...Donuts, I think…

image for dream: Old Hymn
Old Hymn

Someone is making fun of an old hymn. They say something about how people who don’t care about each other are singing a song about how they care about each other. I remark to my Mom that we haven’t sung this one in a long time. Then I think maybe that’s because people make fun of it. 

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Meeting a Girl

Someone knows of a girl that they think I should get to know. They set up a telephone conversation. We talk, and she says something like she is looking for a guy that doesn’t have any motivation. I begin to doubt that this is the right girl for me, and about that time we get disconnected from the call. I think something else happens to distract me, and I’m a bit worried that the girl might think that I had given up on her completely. I try to call her back.

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