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The journal that will keep track of my past dreams, feel free to view and leave a comment. If you require any assistance then please don't be afraid to ask!. I'm a Science Fiction writer and as such, I mostly dream of stories to tell. I have the innate ability of taking thoughts from waking life and saving them also "minimised" if you will for later viewing, whilst asleep.

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Video Games 2066 & Taste

So I went to see one of my grand kids, and they wanted to show me their new games console their mum(my daughter) had purchased for them. I remarked that the kind of games I were into were akin to business simulation, they exclaimed "Me too!". They loaded up the first game, a simulated downtown area with a flowing economy where the aim was to start a store and build it up until their store were the only one.. bit like present day Starbucks if you will.. Where's my store? it's just down from my store, behind my store and around the corner next to my store. Now the game recommended that we both take a trip.. might I add it was virtual reality, sorry, the game recommended we take a hike through the current stores to get an idea on what kind of store to add. Now, I'm from an area called Devon.. we're famous for 3 things.. Clotted Cream, Fudge and Cider!. naturally the first store I see is a cider store so I beckon my kid over, "lets visit this one first!!!", he agreed. We walk through the door and a burly man with a peculiar moustache greets us from behind the counter, "Welcome to my store!, if you need anything, just ask!". I began to remark about all the lovely ciders that he had to offer and he responded "Ahhh but have you tried this?!", he hands me a shot glass full of purple liquid.. "cider??" I remarked. I took a sip and wow.. the strongest flavour of American Grape!.. "it's grape!", I reach for another shot glass with normal cider coloured liquid.. "NO!". "What do you mean no?!" I asked him, "Do I detect a Devonshire accent?!" he replied.. "Why yes, do you have any?" ...

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