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Weird Moment

I barley remember much but I was repeating some action over and over it was like some kind of math or something I was like sorting things into little categories and it seemed endless

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so the dream had started out as just a dream where my family had gotten snakes. mine was just a pure white snake which had weathered wings. which i thought was really cool at the time. but then, when i went look to see what the rest of my family got, I started out with my adopted brother. he looked at me strangely as he head a amphisbaena. I didn't know what kind of snake it was at the time. and thats all i could remember before waking up. the amphisbaena was black on one side, and white on the other. but there was nothing in danger with it. it was... just strange really.

image for dream: Weird Discussion
Weird Discussion

I was with some guy and we were talking about a lucid dream I had, the whole time I never realized I was dreaming.

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